I will promote and play your song in all latin america


It’s time for your song play in all Latin America, coast to coast!

Our 20 stations are leaders in music in each of their countries, and are very popular in the radio directories of each country:

01. Más FM (Miami)

02. Ritmo FM (México)

03. Master FM (Guatemala)

04. Stereo Hits (Honduras)

05. Oye FM (El Salvador)

06. Metro FM (Nicaragua)

07. Power Hits (Puerto Rico)

08. Melodía FM (República Dominicana)

09. La Mega (Costa Rica)

10. Hit FM Latinoamérica (Panamá)

11. Rumba FM (Colombia)

12. Mega Hits (Venezuela)

13. Fiesta FM (Ecuador)

14. Kiss FM (Perú)

15. Mix FM (Bolivia)

16. Planeta FM (Chile)

17. Stereo Pop (Paraguay)

18. Máxima FM (Uruguay)

19. Play FM (Argentina)

And as a very special extra:

20. Radio Hits (España)

Listen in www.RadioParaLlevar.com and in the main radio directories in the world.

With this GIG, your song will play approximately every 6 hours in our programming, on each of the 20 radios.

We also offer GIG extras to make your song one of the most important in the playlist of the radios: 

– “Announce Your Song” (presented with an attractive power intro)

– “Special Rotation” (every 3 hours

– “High Rotation” (every 2 hours)

– “Priority Rotation” (every 1 hour)


Can all songs rotate on radios?

No. Your song will also be subjected to quality control, in terms of recording and mixing.
If not approved, the GIG will be canceled and you will not have to pay for the service.

Should I send my song?

When buying this GIG, you must attach your MP3 song here.
You must clearly indicate the name of the artist and the name of the song. I suggest you do it like this:
Artist: XXXX
Song: XXXX

Why does the order say: “5 Days Delivery”?

5 days is the time it will take us to start playing your song on the radio.
5 days after you order, your song will be included in the station’s playlist.

Can I request an extra fast delivery?

Sure! For an additional cost, I can deliver your order in just 3 days.

What will I receive with my delivery?

– An MP3 proof of the first play of your song on the radio.
– A screenshot where you will read the artist’s name and the name of the song in the radio’s playlist.
– A web link to monitor your song on the radio.
– A web link to check the plays of your song on the radio, during the last 7 days.

Can my song play at an exact time?

Play songs at exact times is not beneficial, our listeners look for varied music when listening to a radio.
But our system does guarantee that your song will play at least every 6, 3, 2 or 1 hour (depending on the plan you select).

Is there a maximum duration for the song?

Yes, your song should last between 3 and 4 minutes, sometimes we make exceptions and allow songs of maximum 5 minutes.
We reserve the right to cut some parts of the song, to adapt it to the “non stop music” style of the radio.

I play covers or remixes of other songs, can I buy this GIG?

Sure! We love remixes and covers.

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