I will promote you and your music or biz on the radio in two states


Kiss 104.7 is for artists seeking legit FM radio airplay. Real listeners real song rotation. . Kiss offers you the ability to have REAL listeners listen to hear your music in cars and homes radio. Get your music played on the radio for 1 day for as little as $35. We offer packages that provide substantial airplay! You can be interviewed. We can have your song sent to 500 stations! We submit audio proof of your song being played DO NOT LIST PHN # or EMAIL US TO CONTACT YOU It’s against Fiverr Rules and we WILL report you. IF your song has profanity just let us know. We can do our own radio edit. WE DO NOT GIVE TIMES OF BROADCAST. We are NOT Phoenix AZ station. Our station is located in the Southeast. South of Atlanta and Montgomery. Our signal gets into 2 States Please read our Description & FAQ before ordering. It will answers questions you have. REQUEST the Manager Special Full promotion package and how you can get a GOLD or PLATINUM RECORD AWARDED TO YOU! We basically become your manager and work your music for you!


Why did you discontinue the 15 dollar airplay? How often will my music be played

Management decided to discontinue the 15 dollar order because honestly, it isn’t worth it financially. Music has to be logged into the system, then extraction of audio from the signal. Fiverr gets its 20% and the station doesn’t earn much. Song gets played 5 times during the day between 6 am-11pm

Is this a real radio station or internet only?

Kiss 104.7 is an FM radio station in the Southeast United States. Because of Fiverr requirements, we do NOT post social media sites, websites, or streaming links. We tried that and received a warning strike on our account. We aren’t allowed. We record a full broadcast and send it to you.

Can my music contain profanity?

Your music can have profanity and we have the resources to make a radio edit our of your song but that has to be a custom order. ALWAYS inbox us first before ordering. We can definitely handle it! Plus we will give you a copy of the radio edit version as well!

Will I be payed royalities for my music?

That really depends on how your deal is set up. If you are only doing a $10 gig or even spending a hundred dollars please understand that you need much much much more airplay before it’s likely you will see a check. Be realistic. You will NOT receive a royalty check from 1 to 2 spins

Do you offer proof of broadcast of my order? How will I know it was played?

Yes we actually provide proof of broadcast audio that we record off our on the air signal and send to your inbox. It’s probably why or services are so popular. You actual receive audio of your song being introduced and played on the station. A FULL broadcast. Intro/Outro of the song, ads, news, etc

If i order a schedule for my song or a ad and get no response..can I get my money back?

No. Like all other forms of marketing you advertise at your own risk and budget. We are not responsible for any loss that might occur because of non-response. This is an investment in yourself. Your music and your product. You assume the risk like in any business.

Can I provide my own ad and song to submit to you?

Yes, for a song or ad it needs to be an mp3 or wave file. Ads need to be 30 seconds or 60 seconds. Songs need to be professional sounding. if you have profanity then let us know BEFORE ordering so we can take care of it for you. Do not send Spotify links! DO NOT SEND SPOTIFY LINKS!

Do I have to send you a mp3 or wav file? Can you download from Soundcloud or I tunes etc..?

You need to send the actual mp3 or wave file through fiverr. DO NOT SEND SPOTIFY OR SOUNDCLOUD LINKS. Your song needs to be labeled with the artist and the title of the song. For example Party – Beyonce Your music needs to look professional and be professional.

Where is the station located and can I hear it?

Our station is located in the southeast and we are just south of Atlanta and Montgomery AL. FM signal reaches both states with over 30,000 ppl coming through the city a day. Fiverr doesn’t allow us to post links of a stream or any social media sites. Its their rules and we follow the rules

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