I will promote your music on an iheartradio podcast


Would you like to hear your song played on an open forum broadcast?

No limits. No restrictions.

Music played just the way you created it. Broadcast to people whom might have never heard your music before. If you said “YES” then you have found the right Fiverr gig!!

We broadcast a weekly podcast and use talented artist’s music during our show going into and coming back from our commercial breaks. We announce the name of the artist and song title along with where our listeners can find them on the social network. So if you would like to be part of this please let us know how we can help you. 

Make sure you look over the JPG file in the gallery to select the right package for you.


Can my songs have bad words

YES!! We only refuse songs that deals with child or animal abuse.

How soon can I be on the air?

Once the order has been pain in full, PKGS 2 & 3 offer immediate air play; usually with 10 minutes. PKG 1 offer depends on the day of the week your order is placed. Since the podcast show takes place on Wednesdays, those that purchase on Thurs will wait a little longer than those that order Tues

Who will hear my song?

In the gallery we have provided a metrics chart to show you who is actually listening to your song.

How do i know you will play my song?

We have several “PROOF” methods to show your song is actually being played. We offer real-time “Playcounts” from the live streaming website and also “time stamps” during the on-air promotions during the podcast. All at your request.

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