I will promote your music on my blog and social media


Promote your new music on my popular blog, and across all of social media. I’ve written for Billboard magazine, TV, radio, and newspapers. Now, I want to write for you.

Every package includes…

– A full page blog post with artist profile, bio, etc

– Embedded audio, video, images, etc

– Full social media promotion (>20K audience)

– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest


What genres do you cover?

All genres. I feature everything from Rock to Folk and Jazz to Hip-hop

What do I get?

I will write about you and your music on my blog and then promote the article around social media.

How big is your audience and who are they?

The site receives ~10,000 visitors monthly. I have a global audience of independent music fans.

Did you really write for Billboard?

Yes, through my work as a founding partner of HitPredictor I wrote monthly by-line articles for Billboard, detailing the results of music research our company conducted for major labels.

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United States

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Jan 2016

Avg. response time

1 hour

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about 41 minutes