I will promote your music video on roku TV music channel

I will promote your music video on roku TV music channel


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Music artists know it’s a long hard road before they can succeed.┬áMusic artists who ordered here before, they do it out of love or want recognition for their music.

This Gig is for Indie Music Artists only (the one who WROTE OWN SONG or GET LICENSED SONG from a songwriter). 


  • COVER someone else’s song
  • MIX or Mixtape

Music Video Kings ranks #1 in Roku Search Channels (when you type “Music Video”)

I accept any genres: Blues, Caribbean, Christian & Gospel, Country, Easy Listening, Electronic & Dance, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latino, Metal, Pop, Rock, World, and more!

Packages – Music Promotion (buyers are asking for longer!) ­čÖé

BASIC – One Year

STANDARD – Two Years

PREMIUM – Three Years

To order: I need a link to your music video.

Get Your unclickable URL SEEN in Roku Bubble Text just for extra 5 dollars!

  • YourWeb.com
  • OtherWeb.com/Page


Don’t forget to check out Extra Gigs!

Post on the Web and Play Apps.

Post on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Post on YouTube channel if you don’t have one.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Thank you!


How can I check your TV channel before ordering?

Absolutely! If you have a Roku device, go to the “Streaming Channels” and you will see Roku Channel Store. Then go to Search Channels and type “Music Video Kings”. Then you will find us and then add us. Thank you for adding us to your Roku device!

How often does my music video stream on the Music Video Kings channel?

Your music video will be streaming on our channel for 24/7/365!!! 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK and 365 DAYS A YEAR!

Is there anything I can help to boost Music Video Kings?

Thank you! Yes, please share with anyone you know on the social media and promote our music video channel! And don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel!

What’s the difference between On Demand and Playlist?

That’s a good question. On demand is when a viewer plays one music video. Playlist is when a viewer plays to watch all music videos. If you love Rock and want to see all Rock music videos, this is where you select Playlist by Rock. Enjoy!

I don’t see a genre on your music video channel, can you add a new genre?

Absolutely! Please let us know and we will add a new genre!

Where will my link be seen?

Your domain name (ie: yourdomain.com) or your web page (ie: otherdomain.com/yourwebpage) will be seen in the description in Music Video Kings channel via Roku. It lets viewers know where to find you if they love your music
No Long unmemorable complicated and ugly URL please Nobody will remember

Why isn’t my YouTube channel views go up?

Unfortunately, both Roku and YouTube do not work together and their platforms are separate! Viewers watch your music video on Music Video Kings via Roku will not reflect or increase your YouTube channel views.

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    Delivered service as advertised thanks!!!!

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    Responsive and gave you what you requested for sure.

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    Thank you

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    Excellent service, delivered as promoted. will reccomend with out a second thought

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    Excellent, as always. Thanks!

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