I will send up to 25 top worldwide record pools your promo song


NOTE: Songs not in 320kbps &/or without Meta Tags will need the appropriate gig extra purchased, or your order will be submitted as is, with no guarantee whatsoever.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new aspiring musician, one should

already know that creating awareness goes hand in hand with possessing a great quality product, and there is no such thing as enough publicity coverage or air play.

It is an absolute MUST that your music gets into the hands of the people who can get your potential hit single to the masses; the DJ. The best way to do this is to distribute your hottest track to record pools. That’s where we come in!

I have already done all of the work for you, by conducting extensive research and narrowing it down to the world’s best record pools; those that will give your song an honest shot at getting into rotation. $5 gets your song to 3 record pools, making it accessible to Thousands of DJ’s (*more depending on genre)! Upgrade for more record pool submissions. Remember, there is NO SUCH THING as enough exposure in the music industry!

***ALL genre DJ accessibility, but most effective for Rap, Pop, R&B, Dance, EDM, and House music.***


Do you guarantee that my music will be added to all record pools and played by all DJ’s?

No. I can only guarantee that your music will be sent to the genre specific amount of record pools purchased, be heard &/or accessible by all DJ’s who are members of each pool.
No one can force DJ’s, radio programmers, etc. to play an artist’s music. But if they like it, they usually add/play it.

What are Meta Tags?

A meta tag is embedded information that identifies the content used in conjunction with the MP3 audio file format. The title, artist, album, track number, and other information about the file is stored in the file itself. Without it, your music virtually vanishes from a record pool’s database.

What is kbps?

Kbps is the bitrate of the sound (kilobytes per second of sound data.) MP3 is a “lossy” format, meaning it throws away some of the detail to make the files smaller. The higher the bitrate, the less data must be thrown away, so the quality is better. 320kbps is a requirement for most in radio play.

What record pools are you adding my song to?

Giving you my sources would defeat the purpose of using my services altogether. While I cannot do THAT, upon completion, I DO provide proof of your song being sent out. Only instead with partially blocked out destinations.

Who gains access to my music?

Only DJs (FM, AM, club, internet) and radio programmers who pay to be members of a record pool, will have access to your music. The more record pools, the more DJs. The more DJs, the greater the potential of your song being exposed to a WORLDWIDE audience!

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