I will send you a list of music bloggers contacts and more


As an indie musician I know how much time does it take to find and collect all the essential contacts to start promoting your band or new release. I know it because I’ve experienced it.

The database I’m offering you is a spreadsheet file that contains about 500 hand picked blogs/music websites/magazines with selection by rank (how popular is the blog), country, interest in music video (for video promotion) and with full contact information (including contact names, facebook/twitter links, emails, snail mail addresses and phone numbers (when listed), and extra notes (submission policies, guides etc).

Similar system goes for all other lists.

These lists are created by me for serving my own music project’s publicity needs. It means I’m not offering you thousands of faceless links, I am offering the result of human research.

My lists are for radio-friendly genres, so nothing too extreme or niche-specific (ie not for hardcore, underground techno, gansta rap etc)

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