I will send your music to 500 radio stations in UK


We send your music submission to 500 Radio Stations in UK.

We have the contact of more than 500 Radio Stations in UK.

Before buying, send me your song by PM to listen and verify that your song is suitable for the service.

We only accept one song in every order. And you only can make a order, don´t make two or three order at the same time. You have to wait that a order finishes to make the next.

Packs include:


– Send music to 500 Radio Stations in UK.


– Send music to 500 Radio Stations in UK.

– Report with the name of the radio stations that downloaded your song (after 5-7 days sending the e-mail)


– Send your music to 500 Radio Stations in UK.

– Real-time email tracking link where you can see who has read the e-mail and who downloaded your music (valid for 10 days).

You can add an Extra: Radio Stations in Ireland, USA and Australia.

What we need to do this work

– Your song in .mp3

– Information of music (Band/artist name, Genre, Description of the song, Press Release, Artist bio)

– Your social media links.


1. Purchasing this gig does not guarantee that your song will be played on the radio.

However, if they send back the replies, I will notify you

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