I will send your music to a record label manger at umg

I will send your music to a record label manger at umg


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Since starting this gig we have signed 14 and 4 pending

Only Taking Artist From US & Canada For Now!




Thanks for looking at my gig.

This gig should Give you the knowledge to get your career on the right track. I will not only submit your music but, also try to set a meeting up with one of my contacts. So they can give you the right advice and know-how to move forward with your musical career so you can get signed like the others from this gig.


  1. If you get an email/phone call with them talking to you please do not be disrespectful if they say they are giving your song to another label they think would be better and more likely to give you a deal or help you.
  2. I would need your email and 3 of your best songs (ONLINE Digital links ONLY | SPOTIFY ).
  3. PLEASE NOTE: There are no guaranteed responses from my contacts.

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United States

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Jul 2015

Avg. response time

7 hours

Last delivery

2 days

5 reviews for I will send your music to a record label manger at umg

  1. praisethedon

    Very quick delivery. Great opportunity thank you. Let’s see what happens

  2. jonathanmcbr436

    I appreciate the services that was done! the communication was top tier and we will re attempt this service again in another 3 months to see if we have any more luck then.

  3. meloyoung3bands

    Well I can definitely say by it’s being so busy throughout this holiday week and people taking some time off to be with there families is very understanding by me not getting any response back from any labels. And by Marcus being so kind, honest, and respectful he sent me proof of everything he sent out to them so yes I do recommend his services!

  4. will243

    Good job!

  5. neamo301

    Great guy, spoke highly about me to his connects, would love to see where my career goes from here. Thank you for your work.

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