I will submit edm and electronic music artists to record labels

I will submit edm and electronic music artists to record labels


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Invest in your future now and book from one of these packages.I will be reviewing your tracks and develop a pitch tailored for your persona and sound. This pitch will be sent to up to 500-1000 labels that specialize in EDM, Electronic Music, and House Music. I will be following up with the label representatives for you and make a personalized google sheet containing the labels that showed the most interest in you. We will be reviewing the contracts and proposals together and filter the best options. Once you are happy with the results, you will follow up personally with the label representative for more details and to sign the contract. Book now and invest in your future! 
It must be mentioned that the label representatives have the last word. So, it’s in their hands whether you will be selected or not. My job is to promote your music as if it is my own, and for this I go always the extra mile for my artists.


What is the process?

I will write a pitch for you to then present your music to the labels relative to your genre. I will follow up with them and share with you the one who shows interest. Once a good amount has been collected we will decide the good one for you together, last phase will be CCing you to the A&R to sign

Can you assure me that I will be selected?

Yes! I’ve ran few successful campaigns where I sent 2000 proposals and got back 50+ labels interested in my artists with contracts and follow-ups, but as mentioned Labels have the last word about your music. And if they choose you it’s because they truly believe in your music

Why work with me?

I’ve been in the music industry for 7+ years. I have worked with multiple labels in the United States as well as performed and collaborated with artists from all over the world. I currently work for a music promotion company in which I have gained access to a vast network of labels

What do I do after I order the gig?

After ordering the gig, you will be required to send over your unreleased music link, SOUNDCLOUD only accepted.

How can I check you are actually sending the emails?

I will send you screenshots of how many mails I’ve send, and if any status will change I will also update you on what’s going on. In the extra gig area you can also choose to get a sheet google file, that I will be sharing with you containing all the labels who will be showing interested in you.

What genres do you mainly cover?

I cover EDM, Electronic Music, and House Music and all the sub-genres to that. You don’t see your genre here? Please let me know and I will see what I can do for you.

Can you help me out choosing the right track, album and cover before pitching ?

Yes, I can! shoot me a dm!

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5 reviews for I will submit edm and electronic music artists to record labels

  1. hypagon

    Very professional service, I found the right label for my needs.

  2. ianmcintosh337

    Excellent service. Found me 3 labels with interest in my music. Would recommend!

  3. netanelben

    I had great journey with the musicplugger all the way till finding the right label. The service was super pro and highly recommended.

  4. the26th

    Although my album wasn’t signed, she went through the tremendous effort to find a label that fit my album. Because of the effort she gave I would definitely recommend!

  5. narbhaft

    Great work

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