I will submit music to billboard and mediabase charting radio stations

I will submit music to billboard and mediabase charting radio stations


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For only 55$, we will submit your one official music track to our list of Billboard and Mediabase Charting radio stations and send you the list of their NAMES in the delivery because we can’t share their private info due to their privacy policy! It’s true that this submission is standard and it’s just a delivery that doesn’t guarantee plays and charting and that has no follow-up process, but it’s really necessary as it MAY at least get your track some plays from top radio stations! Notice that we provide also guaranteed Billboard Charting services but the prices are way higher (Thousands)… Order now and take advantage of this wonderful price!  

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Mar 2020

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5 reviews for I will submit music to billboard and mediabase charting radio stations

  1. taylormanradio

    This is my first time working with this seller so im not sure if it is as legit as it looks until time shows the results of the service, Im just concerned about the fact that the seller doesnt do follow ups with the song and neither can I because I dont have a contact name for any of the stations listed that was provided to me because its requested it to be private, its feels more like to me hey we sent you song here but no verification or promises to verify that the station will at least listen to it. No shade to the seller at all cause so far I havent seen anything bad, im just unsure about my song at all of these stations because anybody can make this up and say anything to make money.

  2. forteressecache

    Very friendly guy.
    I don’t know what the result will be yet, but I was surprised by the many business partners that I could never reach by myself.
    I wanted to believe when I heard his words.
    A quick and wonderful job. I will do my best to return again.

  3. vicdanielsent

    Wow, my team and I are truly blown away by this service! They had such kind things to say about our music and went above and beyond. Can’t wait to see the results from this. I am confident it will be a positive experience. I would 100% recommend this service and will be using again in the future myself!

  4. gelpen101

    Superfast delivery. They sent my song to a bunch of stations that look super legit. Its early in this promotion but seems to have potential to get things moving. I’m certain that I will use this seller again in the future.

  5. copaidmusic21

    Probaly the best promotion if you have a great song this company like. They up front with everything they say and going to do. So good I am looking at other things to work with them to move the song even more. A Diamond just hiding for people who need that honest push if you have good music.

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