I will submit your single or music video to top 200 hip hop blogs


Are you looking to get more exposure for your music?

Now you can reach millions of potential fans WITHOUT having to pay a fortune for it!

This service features an exclusive email campaign to top 200 Hip Hop music blogs that are willing to take music submissions from upcoming artists.

How does it work?

We receive your single when placing an order on Fiverr, and we submit it to our network of Hip Hop music blogs via email. After the submission campaign is completed, we send all relevant feedback to your email in order to network with everyone interested in the song.

Our offer includes: a copy of the data base with the viral Hip Hop blogs (for reference, no contact information included), a custom email template for your song or video, and the single submission campaign via email. All orders will receive proof of work.

To be noticed: the contact information was shared publicly by the Hip Hop blogs on their personal website or on social media. This is not stolen information and we are looking to be compensated for the email campaign alone.

Disclaimer: The data base was updated on 12/01/2020.

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What am I buying?

By purchasing this gig on Fiverr, you will receive a single email blast to top 200 Hip Hop blogs for one of your singles or a music video.
Additionally, we are able to offer 2 follow-up campaigns on request, paid separately by upgrading your order to Premium status.

What music genres are covered by this gig?

Hip Hop/Rap.

Will I be submitted to any additional fees from the blogs?

Yes, some blogs listed in this data base will only audition your music for a specific fee, paid separately from this gig. Please notice that you will need to negotiate the fee yourself as we are NOT associated with any third parties.

Are there any guaranteed placements?

No, we don’t have a partnership with any of the blogs so we cannot guarantee any placements. This service only features an e-mail submission campaign for your single. After this stage, all feedback will be redirected to you, as a client.

Will you sell me this data base?

No, unfortunately our data bases are NOT for sale.

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