I will submit your song to most listened college radio stations


we are a certified music promoter with a heap of promotional successes to our name.  we have a database, and connections with thousands of music blogs music directors, a stream of labels, radio stations, channels, and DJs at college/non-commercial radio stations around the world.

We promote all styles /genres of music and many of our buyers order from us again and again. 

What we do
we will submit your music, description about song and information about yourself, brand/Bandcamp to the most listened to college radio stations around the world thus creating a huge fan base and helping you become even more famous. we have a huge database and connections with over 5000 college radio stations, DJs, and music directors

Submission Guidelines & Policy:
Send Only: Your Best & Mastered Song
Send Only: Original Track
Send Only: Music You Own The Rights 
Send Only: song link and song info(about the song)
Terms Of Service: 
We cannot Guarantee the signing, spinning, or playing of your song, but we do guarantee our service in sending/submitting your song to our college radio contacts. 

You are the talent, we are your vector to fame!!

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