I will submit your song to music playlists


Please message us your spotify track link and genre before ordering this gig.

We only work with music tracks that we feel like we can run a successful campaign for you. After we approve your song, then you can order.

Gain organically music plays and grow continuously your listeners audience on Spotify by Playlist Placement to curators. Once an order is placed, we will begin to submit / pitch your track to our network of independent playlist curators based on your target audience and music genre. Placements are not guaranteed. However, we do have many success stories, so we are confident your track will be accepted for some nice playlists. Please read FAQs

Playlist Submissions to curators it is a free procedure (you are just hiring a freelancer with a good network contacts for the submission process and it is in compliance with TOS for spotify).

Do not buy bot plays/followers! It is against TOS and your profile can be suspended.

-Spread your personal brand, grow your fanbase.

-Build your own long-term relationships with renowned playlist curators and grow your listeners audience and followers organically!

-Take some time to create an eye-catching Biography on your profile


Is there a garantee that my track will be accepted by curators?

Placements are not guaranteed as each independent curator will decide to accept or not your track.
We submit and pitch constantly over the promotion period the track to our estabilished network of independent playlist curators. We are confident that a few will accept it.
Success rate is 20% to 40%

For how long the track will be listed in a playlist?

Once the track is accepted by a playlist curator it will be online, at least 8 days. This is the period most curators use to list a track as they update playlist weekly. But some can list over much more days (up to 3-4 weeks).

Do you provide the full list of the playlists and curators?

Sorry, we do not provide our well established network of curators and playlists, otherwise all users can do it yourself. We provide just a few, as examples. A limited list with details can be ordered as gig extra or custom order in case you want to submit tracks yourself.

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