I will submit your song to the best radio stations


Your music will be sent to the best radio stations representatives and music publishers and I’ll give Direct Music Industry Contacts(Producers, Blogs, Radioas a bonus! 😉

Our service has a waiting time of at least 5 to 20 days, If your music is selected or not we will show you proof of your song status. Most Internet radio stations from America and Europe 😉

Submission Guidelines & Policy:

Send Only: Your Best Song

Send Only: Mixed & Mastered Song

Send Only: Original Track Or Remix

Send Only: Music You Own The Rights 

Send Only: Only Soundcloud Link With Download

Submission Process: 

Please submit your music for review before order, if satisfactory we we will accept your order. Submit For Review Please.

Terms Of Service: 

We cannot Guarantee the radio plays of your song, but we do guarantee our service in sending your song to these radio listed.


Are your services real?

Yes our services are real and we do send your music to actual internet radio stations

Are there FM radio stations on your list?

Yes there are, but most radio stations are Internet radio stations

Why does it take so long to get a song status reply?

Radio stations have a lot of music passing through their hands. While most people will get a response months later. We get a response in 8 to 15business days, because we have developed a relationship with these radio stations.

What country are your radio from?

Most radio stations are from America and Europe.

Do you take all genres of music?

Yes, we accept all music genres! 😉

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Jan 2019

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7 hours

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