I will tune, mix and master song

I will tune, mix and master song


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About This Gig

I’m a professional sound engineer. I have a Recording Studio and 12 years of experience in recording/mixing various genres of song. I am in love with sound production and mixing.

Feel free to have a conversation with me before you order.

What I’ll Do :

  • Adjusting levels
  • Panning
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Side Chain
  • FX (reverb, delay etc.)
  • Automation
  • M/S processing
  • Saturation
  • Stereo Spreading
  • Volume Optimization


  • Auto Tune – $5
  • Melodyne 1 track – $10
  • Remove Noise – $5
  • Remove Reverb Room – $5

I use UAD, Waves, iZotope, Valhalla, Fabfilter, ReVoice, Melodyne, Antares plugins alongside with analogue gears. 

What you’ll get : 

Professional sounding studio quality wav

  • 24-bit wav file (or Aiff)
  • 320kbit mp3 file (If requested)

What I need :

  • Unprocessed audio tracks/stems
  • I accept Logic Pro X session
  • I accept Audacity session.

Let’s get into work! 


I’m a bad singer. Can you help me?

Yes. In most cases, you get great sound. You can send me a demo vocals and I will tell you what I can do. Feel free to write me messages.

What do i need to send you to have my tracks mixed and tuned?

All we need to get things rolling is the Instrumental track, your main vocal track and any other vocal tracks you’d like to include in the mix. All the tracks must have the same length, and the vocals should be dry (dry= No effects over your end, such as reverb, compression, etc..)

Can I get a demo (preview) before ordering?

Yes, in most cases I can make a demo. But we will discuss this individually.

What is the difference between Melodyne and Autotune?

Melodyne is a manual vocal tune (more natural vocals).
Auto Tune is an automatic vocal tuning (effects Lil Wayne, Kanye West and others).

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Oct 2020

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1 hour

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about 4 hours

5 reviews for I will tune, mix and master song

  1. alicetaylor625

    Absolutely fantastic! I can’t believe how quickly you delivered the song, and it’s exactly as I wanted first time, literally no corrections needed! I’m definitely going to get you to do more stuff 🙂
    Thank you so much <3

  2. mitchgilbert108

    I needed a mix for my daughter’s wedding for a for a father daughter dance and he did everything I asked for and it came out perfectly

  3. jonhanrahan

    I had a 13 track album mix & mastered with additional tuning.
    (Listen on Spotify – artist name: Hanrahan. album: Love & Loss)
    Sander managed to create a really nice professional sound complete with panning and effects. Any changes I needed to make were done without a long wait and the whole project was completed well under the expected time.
    If you are looking for a professional sound on a budget, Sander comes highly recommended!

  4. tiffanynesmith

    this seller has been delivering nothing but greatness to me. The only one I’ll ever keep using. A beast at this

  5. nezerscrooge

    Beautiful work! Sander worked with for every step and little modification I requested. He cleanly and expertly brought my idea to life without deviating too much from my original mix.

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