I will tuning, timing, mixing and mastering for singers and utaites


Hello! I’m KuroKi, a sound engineer with more than 150 project with Utaite on Youtube.

You can kindly check my portfolio on my YT 🙂

My YT link:


I’m a sound engineer with years of experience in Mixing Vocal for Utaite cover songs

So I would love to help you to create/finish your project and help singers out there especially utaite who need their own vocals to be mixed and mastered!

My Equipment & Software: 

  • Audio Techina ATH M40x for Monitoring
  • DAW: FL Studio 20 for Mixing and Mastering
  • Melodyne 5 for Manual Pitch Correction
  • Plugins: Arturia, Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, FabFilter, Izotope Ozone 9, Antares, Melodyne


Do you accept any genre and any song language?

Yes, as long you put your project on rar/zip file The file includes : Your raw track (main, harmo and adlibs), On vocal (original referenced), Off vocal (instrumental)

What Software / Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) do you use?

I’m currently using FL Studio 20

Do you accept Japanese Song Cover?

Absolutely yes

Do you accept for mix and master the instrumental only?

Unfortunately not, this gig is only for the vocal mixing only. The instrumental should already done and ready to blend (mix) with the vocal.

What kind of mic do you accept?

I only accept vocal recorded from Condenser Mic or Dynamic Mic

Can I request any effect for my vocal?

Yes, you can give me a reference audio so I can do something similiars

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Mar 2021

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2 hours

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