I will upload your hip hop song to our growing youtube channel


*Please contact before purchasing to discuss and submit your song.

I will upload your Hip Hop song to our growing YouTube channel. It currently has over 419 thousand views, the good thing about our channel is it’s a specifically targeted Hip Hop channel, we have a targeted demographic which are fans of quality Hip Hop and that’s who we cater to.

Transparency is key, we are not making any guarantees of number of views or anything of that nature as this is legit. This will depend on various factors such as your existing fan base, the song name, the quality of the song, and your promotion, but we will ensure we do our part by uploading the video to the channel and give it the potential to reach our subscribers as well as come up on the related videos of the channel.

Because we have a submission process and don’t accept just anything it ensures the quality standards are high. We want to build a brand which is based off quality, so when people click something we upload it is worth their time which helps the artists.

Look forward to hearing from you and we can discuss further.

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