I will upload your music to spotify and other stores

I will upload your music to spotify and other stores


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Hi. We are Sky Music Center. “You do Music, We do rest”

So, You want to distribute your song to Spotify,Deezer,Apple Music,Amazon Music…etc . We are here to help you! Let’s live your release Very Fast!

What Stores we delivered to your Music?

Spotify,Apple Music,itunes,Amazon Music,Pandora,Youtube Music,Deezer,Napster,Shazam,iHeart Radio,TIDAL,Yandex… and more 50+ Stores

Are we release your song on Instagram and Tiktok?

Yes, We also deliver your music to Instagram & Tiktok

Why you need to choose our service

  • Fastest Music Distribution
  • Any Music Genre, Any Style
  • Deliver your release to Spotify,Apple,Deezer & 50+ Stores
  • Deliver your release to Instagram & Tiktok
  • Youtube Content ID
  • Lifetime release with one time fee!
  • Deliver your song’s lyrics to all stores
  • Pre-Save Campaign
  • Smart URLS
  • Custom Release date or As soon as possible Release
  • You get your royalties
  • Artwork Design (Extra Fee)
  • Spotify Playlist Add (Extra Fee)
  • Takedown release anytime (If you want, No Extra Fee)

What we want from you? (All are asking when you start the order)

  • Your Track(s),Song(s)
  • Cover Art
  • Lyrics (If Included)
  • Artist Details
  • Release Date

After song released, we will send you screenshot,URLS & Others


How many days going to Live my Release on Stores

Normally It takes 2-3 Days but it can be upto 7 Days. Depending on your Number of Tracks and Genre and Other details

Can you guarantee my release?

Yes sure, If you send us real tracks that you have full rights the song will be released 100% Surely

Do I get royalties

Yes. You will get 85% Royalties (NOTE : Royalty are showing after 3 months from a release – end of month)

Will I have to pay again on next year for Keep my song

No! This is a one time fee!!

Can I release a Collaboration

No Problem at all! You can!

Can I release Covers?

Sure, But You have to pay Extra Cost!

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