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When Daft Punk announced their split back in February, we not only lost a once in a generation musical talent but a duo who perfectly understood the visual language of dance music. The pair consistently found new ways to tell stories through their accompanying visual aesthetics, whether it was dropping clues to their future costumes or embarking on dizzyingly interwoven narratives that touched on important societal themes.

The French duo made up of Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter dazzled audiences for over 25 years with their unique videos that were sometimes bizarre, sometimes blissful, but always bold and quintessentially ‘them.’ Their early work was organised into the D.A.F.T. collection, an incohesive selection of videos, before they created their own anime Interstella 5555 and avante-garde sci-fi film Electroma.

They continued to subvert what was expected of a musical artist by presenting mesmerising visuals that will be remembered as long as the iconic music that they accompanied. Here are nine of the best…

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