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Published on January 26th, 2016 | by Diogo Costa

Totango Adds SuccessBeat Tool to Its Customer Success Platform

Totango is the leading customer success platform on the market right now, useful to automatically keep users retained, engaged, and active. Just recently, it added SuccessBeat to its ever-growing platform, which allows vendors to, among other things automatically generate and deliver personalized customer success reports, keeping key contacts and end users engaged and empowered to drive their own success.

Those reports can be customized in order to only show data that is important to the respective audience, from end-user adoption and usage patterns to ROI metrics for executives, therefore leaving “useless” data out of the frame.

According to Maksim Ovsyannikov, Totango’s Chief Product Officer: “Software-as-a-Service companies know that engaged, active customers are customers who stay with you for life. With SuccessBeat, we wanted to give Totango users a turnkey solution for packaging and delivering the reams of valuable data to the end user to make them happier customers. If a customer is actively engaged with your product, they’re much more likely to stay loyal.”

SuccessBeat’s features are already available on Totango, which include:

Totango is the leader in customer success management, helping SaaS and subscription businesses take a data-driven approach to reducing churn, driving customer adoption and advocacy, and maximizing lifetime revenue. With the inclusion of SuccessBeat to its ranks, it can now deliver an even better service, reinforcing its position as the go-to service in terms of customer success management.

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