Your EDM Premiere: Evolution Chamber Introduces New Russian Duo Saint Robbers to the Wider D&B Scene

The stream of production coming out of Russia has been ramping up both in frequency and quality over the last three years, with instant monsters like Tobax, Gydra and Synergy following the charge led by Teddy Killerz and Enei. Now with the Russian scene ramping much faster than the rest of the world (save New Zealand) post-second-wave-COVID, new acts are actually being born in the pandemic. Enter: the already somehow very diverse and sophisticated sound that is Saint Robbers.

The St. Petersburg-based duo known as Saint Robbers released their first dual single in August last year on local label Time of Night. Cinematic, a little gamer-y and with chugging dancefloor beats, “Saint City” and “Ghetto Voice” showed early promise. After a spot on another St. Petersburg label, Ozriderz’s compilation album in December, Saint Robbers caught the eye of Magnetude and Task Horizon’s label, Evolution Chamber. As the multinational, collective label is always looking to push boundaries, it’s easy to see why Saint Robbers’ latest tracks, due out Friday, April 9, are a good fit.

Another two-sided single, “Quality Train” and “Happy Day” see Saint Robbers ratcheting up their sound design and stylistic diversity. “Quality Train” is a light yet punchy chugger of a dancefloor track that sort of introduces the visage of Saint Robbers via the synths and samples, which all connote vintage crime, espionage and, of course, train capers. The Boondock Saints have nothing on these guys if “Quality Train” is anything to go by.

Completely switching gears, “Happy Day,” our premiere today, is emotive, full of ambient sound design and very focused on the melodics of its synths and samples. As such a new act in D&B, heads might not expect such a strong focus on melody but with clean sound design and a well-developed beat structure to back it up, there’s no reason Saint Robbers can’t pull some raver heartstrings with this track. If all goes to plan in the UK and EU this summer, “Happy Day” will be the sunrise festie track of the season.

Evolution Chamber · EVOC010 – Saint Robbers – Happy Day

Needless to say, Saint Robbers are ones to watch in drum & bass. If they’re just getting started with tracks like “Quality Train” and “Happy Day,” the scene can only expect great things from here.

“Quality Train” and “Happy Day” drop on Evolution Chamber tomorrow, April 9. Click here to pre-order or pre-save.

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