Author Julia George - shares her life & what's going on in LA

Author Julia George – shares her life & what’s going on in LA

written by Julia George and

Interview with the author Julia George

Julia George shares her life and what's going on in her LA author life

Julia George spent her childhood somewhere between Mumbai / Bangalore / Chennai / Kerala & Atlanta USA.
Since about 10 years she lives in Los Angeles.

When you’re trying to work for films, it’s important to keep a low profile and stay down to earth.

I write screenplays and books aimed at children. Since I have my roots in film, I’ve always stayed on top of my game to evolve and write great stories.

I spoke to two leading actors in Bollywood and presented my script to them. They seemed to like the plot, but it doesn’t look like they can make it work.

So, the search continues.

Writing stories is my newfound love.

They all belong to different genres and appeal to different audiences.

It’s a great feeling to be recognized by my own team as an outstanding director for my contribution to the promotion and support of Vleaderz. The main goal is to find entrepreneurs who are making a difference with their eco-friendly products and businesses.

Glowing skin and LA life ….both are a bonus, my family keeps me grounded and busy, a vegetarian lifestyle gives me the edge to keep up with glow and stay active.

The Zenideez App is my game changer …. Since I started using the Zenideez app, about 5000 Google testers have tried the meditation routine. The feedback so far has been great.

The app and meditation routine were originally developed for actors, but when we realized that women are more vulnerable and need a focus, we launched the Zenideez Tea Project. Zenideez is now entering its second year of helping millions of people with a simple meditation routine.

Thank you again for the opportunity to interview me.

My request to the people who meet me is: please pass on my books, be it my exciting series or the children’s books, such as the story taking place in the year 1962 in Europe – Arnault and his Castle Georges, which will surely give every child special storytelling moments this vacation season. Also, check out the meditation app Zenideez available in the Google Play Store.

Please tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career

Well funny and pretty life risking episode all at once, on the set of Manjadikurru an international film. A shot where I drown, I took two days of swimming lessons and was ready to do a drowning scene in 25 feet vintage pool in India. Drowning and making out of the water with the very lil swimming experience was the scariest and hilarious moment for me.

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