I will as signed producer, mix and master your song, radio quality


I like a personal approach and to ensure for everyone the highest quality, I’ve increased the prices, and delivery time a little, to lower the number of orders I get, and to be able to spend more time on every mix.


(If you need a project done faster, let me know)

Please send me a message before placing an order. So I can make sure everything is ready for me to go.

Project larger than 25 stems? Send me a message to make a custom deal.


I’m Justin a signed producer at BMG. One of the worlds biggest music publishers.

I amongst other things produced for the Eurovision song contest.

If you want a competitive mix and master that stands up against artists from major labels, Jumé Productions is the right choice for you!

What you get:

  • Unlimited revisions (In the diamond gig) [See FAQ for terms]
  • Broadcast ready mp3 and WAV file
  • Effects added (Auto-Tune, Compression, Reverb, Delay, etc)
  • Perfectly Tuned vocals (Or you can choose to keep them natural)
  • Mastering (Widening, Limiting, Multiband Compression, etc)

What I wont do:

  • Place everything in the right timing.
  • Add new instruments or vocals to your song
  • Send back project files (I can send stems back)


Which program do you use to Mix and Master?

I use Logic Pro X. So if you have a Logic or Garageband project you can also send that instead of the .wav stems.

Can I get a sample mix?

Unfortunately I aways have a lot of orders in queue, and don’t have the time to do sample mixes.

How long will delivery take?

All deliveries are on time and within the delivery date thats set on the order.
When it’s busy I may need all the time thats allocated to work on your mix.

How do you want me to send the stems?

You can send the stems in the chat (in a .zip) Or use and drive or cloud service to send it. Make sure all the stems are lined up from the same starting point (0 seconds), the effects are turned off (except for sound changing effects like distortion on a guitar or effects on synths).

Unlimited Revisions Terms

When you send me new audio files to work with during the project, for instance you re-record the vocals after I already mixed it, or when you asked for a revision (for instance bass louder) and then later you want the revisions to be reverted (bass softer again), extra fees may apply.

Order Extra’s (Live version, Separate stems, Radio Edit, Manual Tuning)

These are extra services that can be ordered before or during the order. I will remove the projects one week after delivery, so its important you make sure you have selected all the extra’s you need, because a week after the order is completed I won’t be able to make edits anymore.

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Jul 2018

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