I will master your song in 24 hours and make it shine


I am a mastering engineer and I will master your song in only 24 hours (ALL GENRES).

Since I’m new on Fiverr, I wanna create a good network here, that’s why the prices for my services now are pretty low. So don’t miss a chance to get yourself a great sounding song for just a twenty:)

I have a big expertise in the music industry, especially in the mastering field. Now I want YOU to get a great master, so that you can explode the charts!


  • No Presets – I process every and each song individually, work on it as long as needed. You see, mastering is not only my job, but my hobby too 🙂

  • Lossless format (if possible) – Send me your song(s) as a WAV/AIF/FLAC files. MP3 is also acceptable, but WAV is preferred since none of the information is lost;

  • No Limiting (if possible) – do not put a limiter on your mix-bus/don’t push the limiter hard. Leave a headroom for the further processing that I will do while mastering your song;

  • Just Ask – just text me before ordering my gig if you have any additional questions.

I can also master your EP or Album, send me a message and we will discuss the details. Cheers!


Do you do only mastering?

Yes, no mixing, at least in the common way. I do a stem-mastering tho, which is kind of mixing and mastering simultaneously. Please see the next question about stem-mastering.

What is stem-mastering?

Stem-mastering is the process of mixing and mastering at the same time. Typically two tracks (when you have music and vocals as two separate tracks, e.g. stems) or, for example, you’ve got up to six stems as mixed buses (drums, bass, guitars, trumpets, synths and vocals).

Do I have to process a song with a limiter before sending it to a mastering engineer?

Please don’t do it! At least don’t push it hard. You see, putting a limiter on your mix-bus drastically effects the peaks and transients of the song, that should be controlled only at mastering stage. So avoiding any limiting at the mixing stage will improve the sound after the mastering very much!

Can I process a song with a compressor before sending it to a mastering engineer?

Yes, you can definitely do it. Soft compression may ‘glue’ your mix and make it sound better. But be careful, an overcompressed song will sound overcompressed after the mastering stage too! So if you are not sure whether you need a compression on your mix-bus or not, then just live it uncompressed.

Can you provide a feedback on my mix please?

Absolutely! I’d love to help you, I’m always happy to improve our music community.

Do you master EP or LP too?

I absolutely do! Please send me a message and we will discuss the details.

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