I will mix and master your electronic music to industry standards



Hi, thanks for checking out my gig!

If you’re looking for…

  • An optimal sounding master true to your genre
  • Mastered by an audio engineer/music producer with over 2 decades experience
  • A professional and friendly service (please read some of my reviews)

…then look no further!

Many sound engineers mix and master to their taste. I always reference with examples from top artists within each genre to ensure my mixing and mastering truly reflects how that genre should sound.

I will ensure your track is both loud and dynamic, without sounding squashed or over-compressed.

I work with all types of electronic music, specialising in harder edged sounds. Genres I’ve worked with include: Bass Music, Breaks, Dance, Dubstep, EDM, Hardcore, Hardstyle, House, Progressive, Rawstyle, Techno, Trance/Psy-Trance and Trap.

Gig Extras

  • Extra fast delivery $15/$20/$25
  • Additional revision $20
  • Separated tracks/stems $20
  • Lead vocal pitch/time correction $25
  • Backing vocal pitch/time correction $25
  • Breath removal $15

For further info please read my FAQ’s and for questions not listed please contact me before placing your order.

I look forward to working together!


Can you deliver my order by… ?

All orders go into my work queue and are worked on in order according to the deadline. I’m not able to estimate delivery other than the quoted delivery time due to the amount of orders I receive. For urgent orders I have an extra for fast delivery.

Your deliver time is longer than usual/I don’t see an extra fast delivery option?

These changes are temporary and necessary when I’m overbooked to ensure I can continue delivering all orders on time. If this is the case and your order is urgent please message me to discuss.

What qualifies as a revision?

Any change needed to the delivery in line with the original order request. This will count as one of your 3 free revisions. When all revisions are used up additional revisions may be purchased as an extra.

What if I need to change or add to the order request after the order has been accepted?

Any work not quoted for, that extends the project duration, would need to be charged as an extra.

I’ve already placed an order, but have new files I want you to use instead of the ones already submitted?

If work hasn’t started on the order yet, this is fine. If the work is already in progress, an extra would need to be charged to cover the extended project duration.

You top package is for up to 40 stems and I have more, what should I do?

Please message me with the number of stems you have and I can give you a quote.

What level should my audio be at?

For mastering, aim for your mixdown to peak at around -6dB. For mixing and mastering you want your master channel peaking around -6dB, then export the stems as they are.

Is tuning and time correction part of your mixing process?

No, for vocals you need to purchase the Lead Vocal Edit/Backing Vocal Edit extras. For instrument tuning and correction please message me.

Can you match the loudness of my reference track?

Achievable loudness depends on sound design/selection, arrangement and combination of sounds playing at the same time, then finally the mix/master. It’s not always possible to match loudness unless all mentioned conditions are optimal.

If I add your ‘deliver stems’ extra to the order, will I receive these with the master?

No, I hold off delivering the stems just in case you need revisions, as the stems take a long time to render. Once I know you’re happy with everything then I’ll prepare them for you.

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Jun 2019

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4 hours

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