I will mix and master your music


Want your songs professionally mixed and mastered? Search no further!

10$ price is for MASTERING ONLY (which means that the song you send me is already mixed), but if you need my MIXING SERVICES also, please check out the gig packages and extras and choose the best deal for you!

I will edit your music with a wide range of professional software I own and make it ready for distribution. 

My choice of DAW is Cubase, but I also use a variety of plugins coming from Waves, Slate Digital, Izotope, Sonnox etc.

You can hear some of my work at this link: https://soundcloud.com/sullexstudio/sets/mixing-mastering-projects

For multiple songs I offer deals, so contact me for extra information. 

You will end up with a professional, balanced song tested on high-quality audio equipment.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ and/or send me a message, I will reply as soon as I can.

What to send me:

  • WAV/AIFF/HQ Mp3 files of each track (unedited and in sync!)

What do I deliver to you:

A high quality WAV/mp3 44.1 kHz 24bit file


Where can I hear your work?

What’s the difference in MIXING and MASTERING?

In short – mixing is a process where you make each individual track sound better and also make them sound good all together, while the mastering is processing the overall sound and getting the song to commercial level.

Steps in your MIXING and MASTERING process?

Mixing: noise cleanup, track volume leveling and panning, EQ, compression, deEsser, effects (reverb, delay, chorus, tube amps etc.) for each track individually,track automation, side-chaining etc…
Mastering: post EQ, compression, limiting, stereo imaging, harmonic exciter, saturation

What analog equipment do you use?

I use Dangerous D-box with my audio interface, can send up to 4 groups of instruments divided into: drums; bass & guitars; keyboards & wood/wind/brass instruments; vocals&back vocals

What do I have to send you? What are STEMS?

You have to send me individual tracks (stems) of your song which are in sync with each other.

How to export tracks (stems) from my DAW?

Mark the beginning and the end of your song with locators, that way all tracks will be in sync.
Simplest way is to SOLO the track you want to export (click S button on the track in DAW), and then export to a WAV or AIFF file one by one. Make sure they are dry (effects disabled) before exporting.

Can I send you DRY and WET (with effects) tracks?

Yes you can, if you processed some tracks with effects, compression, eq or other, you can send me those as well as the DRY ones (same track WET & DRY counts as 1). Then we will exchange opinions which one to use in the final mix.

Can I send you my mix as a guideline?

YES! That makes the communication way easier as I will know exactly what kind of effects or sound you would like on your track.

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