I will mix and master your song with free revisions


*** Please read through the Frequently Asked Question section below, before placing an order. If you got any further questions or thoughts, feel free to send me a message. ***

My name is David J and I’m a university graduatedĀ music producer and mixing engineer. I have been an official AVID certified Pro Tools user since 2015, working in Pro Tools 2020 with industry standard plugins from companies like Waves, Slate Digital, Sonarworks, iZotope etc.Ā I’m excited to hear your music and thrilled to start helping you reach your vision!

I will mix and master your music, including:Ā 

  • Adjusting levels
  • Panning
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Side Chain
  • FX (reverb, delay etc.)
  • Automation
  • M/SĀ processing
  • Saturation
  • Stereo Spreading
  • VolumeĀ Optimization


  • Auto Tune your vocals – 5$
  • Manually tune one vocal track with Melodyne – 15$ per chosen track
  • Sending mixed group stems back – 10$
  • Instrumental version – 5$
  • Non-explicit version – 10$ (lyrics required)

You will receive:

  • 24-bit wav file
  • 320kbit mp3 file (If requested)


Where can I listen to samples of your work?

You can listen to my work in full quality in my portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/user-908988601/sets/my-portfolio-work

Where can I send you the files?

You can the send the files in a folder, here through Fiverr or Wetransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

What do you need for the work?

I need the tracks/stems of your project, all exported starting from the same timestamp in the timeline, so the timing of the tracks lines up when I import them in to my DAW.
I prefer to recive the tracks/stems as wav or aiff files. I do accept mp3 files too.
I also need a rough mix of your song

Do you provide a free sample mix?

Unfortuntaley I do not provide a free sample mix – I want to deliver great quality, a fast sample mix does not reperesent that quality.

I got more than 40 stems

Contact me, and after checking your files I can send you a custom offer

How should I prepare my tracks for mixing?

I usually prefer to recive vocal tracks completely dry, meaning no effects or processing on them. Same with real recorded acoustic drums, I prefere those dry. Other instruments I usually prefer to recive those as you’ve processed them in you project, with effects and everthing on.

At what volume level should I export my mix?

I do not prefer to recive the stems in any speical volume level. I would say, not to quiete and especially not to loud so the tracks gets distorted. Send the levels of the stems as you have them in your project. Make sure to bypass any limiter on the whole mix. Do not volume normalize your tracks.

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