I will mix your pop song and master upon request


*Please contact me before ordering*

Greetings! My name is Eric and I would love to mix your song for you and help you get the sound you want!

I have been playing music for over 20 years, have played in and produced for multiple pop/rock and indie groups, and have tracked in professional studios settings. I am also a singer-songwriter and producer based out of West Hollywood and work out of my home studio with clients. My experience with being a musician and singer-songwriter helps greatly with my mixing process when it comes to determining what the artist wants to achieve sonically and how they want their song to sound overall.

Before sending your stems to me please do the following:

  • Make sure all of your tracks are consolidated and lined up in their correct spots
  • Label all your stems (i.e. “Lead Vocals,” “Ad-lib 1, “rack tom,” etc.)
  • Only send me what you want to use (do not send extras. Vocals need to already be comped)

*Please send me 1-2 reference tracks for how you want your song to sound*

Following these steps will ensure the process is easy and can be done quickly.

All genres are welcome and I Iook forward to working with you!


Do you provide Autotune for vocals?

Yes, I use Antares Autotune and Melodyne, depending on the style of music and how the artist would like their vocals to sound

Why is mastering “upon request?”

I believe sending your mix to a separate mastering engineer is the best way to get your song sounding great, since you get a second set of ears to work on it and it increase your odds of having your song sound amazing. Since it can be expensive, I do offer basic mastering as an additional service.

Why 2/3/4 day turn around? Other mixing engineers can do it faster…

True. However when it comes to mixing it is important to take time to avoid sloppy mistakes and ensure a song sounds optimal.
Part of my method to mixing is taking breaks often since our ears can fatigue very quickly and things that sound good one day can sound not so good the next and vice-versa.

How do I send my stems to you?

You can use Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer

What is a reference track?

A reference track is any professionally mixed song you would like your song to sound like. I instruct all my clients to send a reference track for me to listen to while mixing your song.

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