I will professionally mix and master rap vocals


Professional vocal mixing and mastering to the highest standard. I have been mixing and mastering numerous successful hip hop artists for years and have quality, industry experience and knowledge. I will bring out the best in your vocals!


– Making sure volume levels are correct

– Breath reduction

– EQ & Compression

– HQ WAV file delivery


– Everything from the basic package

– Breath & sibilance reduction/editing

– Ambient FX such as delay & reverb etc.

– HQ WAV file delivery


– Everything from previous two packages

– Effects such as Auto Tune, distortion, phasers, flangers

– Full EQ’s and Compression

– Beat stops and vocal stutters upon request

– HQ WAV file (Can provide 16-bit MP3 also)

NOTE:Ā If this is your first time ordering, please send me a message first so that we can discuss your project and ensure a smooth order process.

Do not order unless you can provide audio stems. Please put all audio files into a .zip folder when sending audio.


Which is the right package for me?

If you want the best mix and master then go for the “Premium Mix and Master Package”. This will ensure the engineer uses all available tools to enhance your track without the need for purchasing gig Add-Ons.

What’s the differences between packages?

We set packages based on what you need done to your track. Basic is a basic mix with Compression and EQ. Standard is a full mix, reverbs and delays, but the Premium package includes everything you’d find in a commercial hip hop mix without the need to purchase extras.

How do I send audio?

Send ‘stems’ – each individual track separate, e.g, Beat, lead vocal, adlibs, backing vocal etc. Please put ALL audio files into a .zip folder when sending audio. I will not accept more than 5 individually attached files. So many files are downloaded every day, it helps with organisation.


Unless I make a mistake, I offer one free revision, after that, extra revisions must be purchased as an extra.


Stems are individually rendered instrument/vocal tracks. Stems must all be the same length (from the very start to the end of the song). You can double check stems work by dragging them backing into a blank project and making sure they line up correctly. Please put these into a .zip folder.


As we deliver a digital product which cannot be returned by the buyer, we have a no refund policy in place to ensure staff get paid for their time. Unless the seller makes a mistake, we cannot accept cancellations.

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