I will professionally mix and master your indie, pop, rock song


Hi, I will do a professional mix and master for your song!

In my studio, I use high quality studio standard outboard gear and the best plugins to make your music sound full and ready for release! Each mix includes, EQ, compression, effects, volume leveling, and automation. I’ve worked on mixes for many different genre’s including rock, pop, indie, acoustic, country, RnB, hip hop, and more! 

I offer 3 different packages

1. “Mastering only” Package

  • 1 stereo track. Full Master – $50

2. “The Essentials” Package – $100

  • Up to 16 stems. Full mix + Master

3. “The Extra Sauce” Package – $150

  • Up to 32 stems. Full mix + Master

For an additional $30/song, I will manually tune your vocals!

Please let me know if you have more than 32 stems!

I treat every project like it’s my own and don’t settle for anything less than amazing. your song will be ready for any streaming platform and radio! I will make sure you are satisfied with the results. Please feel free to contact me before ordering so that we can work out all the details! 

A Spotify playlist of songs i’ve produced/mixed/mastered


Do you have deals for EPs and albums?

of course! message me about it so we can work out a special rate!

Can you mix any genre?

You can send me any genre of music!

How should I export my tracks (stems)?

*All files must be WAV files at 24 bit and at a sampling rate of 44.1khz to 192khz. (Standard is 24 bit 44.1khz)
*All tracks should be comped and exported from the beginning of the whole project (at the start of the first bar). And please provide BPM/Tempo if you recorded to a metronome

Do you also record and produce music?

Yes! I usually play and write most of the instruments on all the songs I work on. Message me to talk more about production or if you need me to play anything on your song!

Can I send you my song for feedback?


Can you send stems?

I can send stems for an additional small fee, depending on whether the mix was done ITB or with analog hardware. Please let me know if you would like the stems back!

Free sample?


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