I will professionally mix and master your song


Welcome to my mixing/mastering gig! You’ve come to the right place, for your song of any genre.

I’m Alex, and I’m obsessed with mixing. With every song that comes on the radio, I can’t listen without immediately studying the mix. I started mixing on a portable 8-track recorder when I was 10, and since then I’m grateful to have helped artists around the world find their sound!

Recently named Producer/Engineer of the Year at the 2021 London Music Awards, I hold a diploma in audio engineering from a world-renowned college, and have been directly mentored by Juno-winning/Grammy-nominated engineers!

My work with established artists has aired on mainstream FM/XM radio, and been placed on Spotify Editorial playlists!

Getting started is easy. I need your individual solo’d dry tracks, some notes about your vision, and then I get to work!

Your song may fit one of 3 packages: Basic (10 tracks or less), Standard (10-25 tracks), or Premium (25-50 tracks), with extras for vocal tuning, mixed stems, instrumentals, and more! I can also create custom orders above 50 tracks!

Please message me before ordering, I will be happy to hear from you! 🙂

Please see my FAQs for equipment and more!


What equipment and software do you use?

My equipment and software includes: UAD, Waves, Soundtoys, Fabfilter plugins; Celemony Melodyne, Native Instruments Komplete, Universal Audio Apollo, Focusrite Saffire, Mackie HR824 & Yamaha YSM5 Studio Monitors, Akai MPK88, AKG K240 MKii, Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Splice, & more!

Do you tune vocals?

Yes, I can tune your vocals for an additional fee which you can select when you place your order! I use industry standard software (Melodyne) to manually tune your vocals to perfection.

In what order can I expect my deliverables?

I will provide you with your mix first. When you are happy with your mix, I will master your mix. This means I prepare your mix for streaming platforms by sonically enhancing it and bringing volume up to meet loudness standards.

What is “mastering” and why do I need it?

Mastering is different than mixing! Mixing is combining individual tracks of a song in a sonically balanced way using special processing. Mastering is treating the final mixed track so that it is sonically enhanced, louder, and meeting requirements for streaming platforms.

What will you provide me with as a finished product?

I will deliver 24 bit WAVE files of both your mix and your master. If you require it, I am also happy to provide 16 bit WAVE and MP3 files – just send me a message to request this.

What experience do you have?

I received a college diploma from one of the world’s most renowned audio programs, studying with some of world’s top engineers & winning awards for my work. My mixes have played on radio across North America and even topped the radio station download charts in Canada! I’ve worked on over 100 songs!

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