Hopriana Campbell: Channeling Melodies from Jamaica to the World

Meet Hopriana Campbell, a Jamaican musician and singer-songwriter whose journey in music started long before she took her first breath. Hailing from the vibrant island of Jamaica, Hopriana’s musical roots run deep, with her father’s booming speakers serenading her even in the womb. Having played the Flute and piccolo in a band during her formative years, she later added guitar and piano to her repertoire. Her debut single, “Everything & Nothing,” falls into the indie/new age genre, and her future plans include delving into roots, rock, and reggae. Through her music, Hopriana aims to convey Bob Marley’s wisdom – the healing power of music that soothes without causing pain. Encouraging listeners to explore the uncharted realms of her tunes, she believes that discovering her music is a gateway to appreciating a diverse range of sounds. As she envisions the next five years, Hopriana envisions herself standing on a grand stage, clutching a Grammy Award for her exceptional recording album. Amid her musical journey, Hopriana opens up about her challenges, though her career is still young and vibrant, a hint of humor remains to be discovered on her path.

Interview with HopriAna

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

Hello! I’m Hopriana Campbell a musician, singer/song writer and I’m from a parish in the beautiful island of Jamaica, born and raised until the very tender age of 6. I played in a band most of my teens and early adult years. Playing both the Flute and piccolo. I picked up guitar and piano 3 years later

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

I could definitely say and confirm that my passion for music had started since the womb. Dad always told me stories about him putting these huge speakers under the bed and turning them all the way up until it ‘ knock’ he says. I’m pretty sure I heard and felt every single vibration in my moms stomach because dad would say that I would just go crazy in there. After birth, growing up in my toddler years I specifically remember being so used to sound. That I would sleep right next to the speakers while my dad would be busy mixing and mastering and doing what I thought at that time was just playing with sound. So cool right. It was normal to me. Music was always something that kept me. Me

What kind of music do you do?

I have 1 single out titled, “ Everything & Nothing” It is more on the indie/ new age genre. I plan on expanding my horizons and working more towards roots, rock, reggae

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

Bob Marley once said , “ One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” that is a true statement. That is what I am conveying. World peace, positivity and positive vibrations when you listen to music

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

It’s good to experience new music. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone. Listening to my music is just another step closer to hearing other music. It’s a chain reaction

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I will be recording, mixing and mastering my albums. Collaborating with various artists, sharing ideas. 5 years from now I see myself walking across a stage, collecting my Grammy award with my name on it for best recording album of the year

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

No funny story. I have more sad stories than anything else when it comes to my career. I faced a lot of challenges. Nothing funny yet