Interview with Ilyas ellis

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Elias Ellis. I’m from Rochester New York, and I’m a Lofi hip-hop artist. I produced and write my own songs, and graphics.

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

My passion for music came from my family. Every side was heavy into the hiphop scene. From fashion to the music itself. My step dad taught me how to rap, and put me on to several artist such as Biggie, Nas, Pac, Jov I.e. all the greats. I would sit in my room playing the best while trying to emulate them on every level. I spent hours listening and finding my own favorites, like Wayne , Kendrick, Drake, meek mill. I would say my biggest influences were Wayne and Kendrick. For the over the top bars. And crazy creative story telling and lyrics .

What kind of music do you do?

I make lofihiphop music. Like earl sweatshirt and mavi .

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

That’s a great question. I wouldn’t say it’s a perticular song but the types of song. I like anything good but the there’s a way to convey emotions that I think is dope. Like Westside boogie has a great perspective on honesty and confidence. Songs like “lol smh” convey types of music or songs I love to replay.

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

Bc i feel it speaks to the world. It allows a person to feel naturally. Natural emotions that a real and experienceable.

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

My future projects? Geez? Well … I’m working on a project called onCOURSE! Basically about my progress and trying to manifest things for me. I see myself on a stage somewhere. GETTING PAID atleast lol.

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

I don’t think I have one. I’m pretty forgetful about stuff like that.