LACES with Say (Hey Ma) [Unplugged]

“Say” was such a special song to write. I wanted to make sure there was a song on the LP that reflected my own shortcomings, struggles, and trauma I carry. Chris Ayer is one of my favorite people and one of the best songwriters I know; so this song is really a testament to how he created a safe environment for me to explore this personal topic.

Jessica Vaughn

LACES is the solo project of industry mainstay, Jessica Vaughn, who helms Head Bitch Music, a multi-faceted, multi-service creative company. She has always been a little left of center, choosing the the hard-fought path over the easy win. With LACES, Vaughn is creating subtly brilliant adult alt-pop. Simultaneously polished and raw––a testament both to her willingness to be vulnerable and the clarity of her vision––LACES’ new songs mine bleak spaces for hope, and never come up empty-handed. The performer is taking this second wind and running free with it.