Rook Monroe's "Honey" looks longingly back at sweet summer romance

Rook Monroe’s third release “Honey” looks longingly back

written by Rook Monroe and

Rook Monroe’s third release “Honey” looks longingly back

Rook Monroe’s third release “Honey” is still a fantastic track even though it was released a year ago on December 18, 2020. The song has experienced a decent organic growth in the meantime. Especially in these days when fears and worries accompany people, the listener briefly escapes from this world and suddenly finds himself in a happy summer story full of romance and love. The sound of the voice and the harmonies, as well as the phenomenal production of the track by his good friends Trackside, known for their work with Selena Gomez, BabyJake and Khamari, make this song to something very special. 

Rook’s first three singles received immediate editorial support and appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, Tidal’s Pop: Rising, and Wake Me Up from Apple Music.
I’m sure Rook Monroe will not only showcase his versatility and skill as a singer/songwriter, but also pave the way for the many expressions of his musical ideas and artistic craft. The major record labels should already be clamoring for this exceptional artist and I am strongly convinced that we will hear a lot more brilliant songs like “Honey” from Rook Monroe in the future.

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