Unveiling Truth Through Music: Burningsatan’s Journey of Awakening

Meet Burningsatan, a singer-songwriter and truth seeker, whose musical journey transcends melodies, delving into the depths of a world cloaked in deception. With roots firmly planted in the early 90s Canadian music scene, Burningsatan’s passion for music ignited against a backdrop of industry constraints and stifling conformity. As a self-proclaimed freeman, he rebelled against subjugation, embracing his innate need for freedom. Hailing from Northern Ontario, Burningsatan’s foray into music began with a guitar, and over time, his introspective exploration evolved into a unique blend of tunes. His music is an embodiment of resilience, carved from years of dedicated work. A catalyst for his creativity was “Imagine” by John Lennon, a song that ignited his musical journey. Burningsatan’s sound may be considered average, but his commitment to authenticity and his views on awakening make him stand out. He advocates for the truth movement, resonating with independent artists who dare to challenge the norm. Burningsatan envisions the future as a culmination of his efforts, focusing on connecting with like-minded souls and amplifying his message of freedom and truth. In this dynamic journey, Burningsatan’s career isn’t void of humor; he fondly recalls his first performance, overcoming a mishap with courage and ending up with new friends. While challenges persist, Burningsatan remains resilient, standing for his beliefs and embracing the quest for truth, even when the tide of conformity threatens to overwhelm.

Interview with Burningsatan

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

I’m a singer songwriter second to be in the freeman. I was thrown out of the Canadian music industry in the early 90s. The industry does not let you do anything your way. They might give you a bone every now and then but they don’t wanna have you creating your music. They want you to create just like everything else goes in this world right now in a cone of silence. I’ve suffered in my life because I cannot be subjugated. I am a free man. I was born a freeman. When I found out that I was born into a corporate trust called Cestui Que Vie… and that any human being that was born into a Corporation Country, and that everyone’s birth is stolen and monetized… I was pissed. Before I was just angry… We are all worth a minimum of $100 million by the time we turn 18 is our name is traded in all capital letters on an open market without our knowledge. We are cattle to the satanic bastards. The Freemasons and other secret societies have been developing this all under our noses for centuries. On a trivial sidenote… I was born in northern Ontario Canada. I’m pushing 65 years old and I would like to stick around and see the unveiling of all of these criminals before I die.

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

I heard imagine by John Lennon after learning how much is that doggie in the window at 12 years old and my parents bought me a guitar. I played a G chord for three straight years. I had no teacher, so I watched whatever guitar players I could watch on TV. I ended up singing imagine by John Lennon very nervously in grade 75 my whole school and got a standing ovation for my courage and not for my talent. And I don’t believe I have talent. I just work. Talent comes from work. I am an average songwriter at best. Not enough time left in life to become great I’m cool with that too right now I forget the rest of the question is I cannot read it… But I believe it was something about influencers and I ended up getting a Jim crochet song book and learned a bunch of songs and ended up playing on the streets of Toronto Canada where I learned by The edge of the sword. I was already writing songs by that time even though they were garbage songs I really enjoyed the process. I don’t really listen to other artists very much… But every once in a while something comes across my purview and it blows my mind and I wish I could write a song and produce a sound like that. I find the music that’s coming out in the truth movement these days is some of the best I’ve ever heard. Independent artists are rising up. The tide is turning.

What kind of music do you do?

I do my own kind of music and I play within my skill level which is not high. However I just push through until the song is finished. Every 20 songs something good comes along and I just ride that wave.

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

My most important song is the one I have not written yet. But I’m getting there. Yesterday I wrote a song called sorry not sorry… i’m just fine tuning the lyrics now but I kinda like it. I have many many songs that are not on my website as the volume of songs is too high for me to keep up. The website is almost 2 months old now and I made some good friends along the way as I’m not a developer. A credit to my friend Talha and Rehan in Pakistan for helping me do what I’m doing with the little funding that I have. I have my own version of imagine by John Lennon so I guess that’s still my favourite song. Just imagine. We manifest what we imagined and what we believe. That’s what John was trying to say I think.

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

Because they’re either awake or they’re trying to wake up and find the truth in this ugly lie filled world. We are lied to about almost everything. It is the biggest and most criminal deception ever devised by Lucifer, Satan, and many other entities human and nonhuman that are too long to mention here. Manipulation and deception are the tools of Satan. I was once God and then I was non-God and now I believe that we are God. Collectively and internally we are God. Religion was devised to continue to separate us further. No more sit on that though because I’ll just ramble on forever.

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I don’t really have any future projects right now as I’m just trying to develop some kind of following and finding out how many of my soulmates are out there. How many of us can find my music and maybe even enjoy it. The star seeds and the people that are here at this time to enjoy the great awakening and not comply with any agendas are my heroes. I hug each and everyone of them if I can.

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

I have way too many… But my favourite is always my first. I was asked to sing a song at a school assembly in grade 7…I don’t think it happened actually until grade 8 and I didn’t know the song then but I decided to sing imagine by John Lennon. I have just learned it barely. I stepped up to the microphone… With my cheap Kent guitar that I spent about an hour trying to tune and I started into the song and my strap came off and my guitar dangled and hit the ground and made a big loud noise… I wasn’t even two lines into the song when that happened… I had a decision that I could make it that point whether I could turn and run or whether I start the song all over from the top. I was extremely nervous as I had no friends and I was extremely introverted… So I strapped the guitar on… after clumsily fixing my strap… And I started from the top and went to the bottom of the song and I’m pretty sure it sounded like hell… But when I was finished I got a standing ovation. I got that standing ovation for my bravery only. The hour before I played that song I had no friends.… After that I had 10 friends within two days. However… In the last three years things have changed. I’m the only one in my family that didn’t take the needle and I’m the only one in my family that refused to wear a mask… And when I tried to stop my friends from taking the jab… I pleaded and I begged… But they didn’t listen. So I’m right back to where I was before I sang imagine by John Lennon in front of my school… And I’m here on a sheep farm as my life was saved yet again from homelessness… If it was not for the first lady that saved my life from homelessness and taught me many things… I would be dead today and I guess I would be OK with that. So I’m grateful to everyone that is trying to fight and choose Freedom over tyranny and the evil of Satan.