200 Spotify Collaborative Playlists

If you’re like me (and everyone else I know), you HATE spending money on paid Spotify playlist placements. They’re risky and can be super expensive, but here’s the good news:

I put together a couple of lists with hundreds of collaborative playlists that you can add your song to, for all genres, and that will banish paid playlist placements from your life forever.

Yes. I know that’s a bold claim – but when you see this, I think you’ll see why I say it. What’s even better is that this list also helps you to

  • Massively increase your total Spotify playlist reach
  • Spread your song across Spotify ethically and for free
  • Get your song organically added to Spotify’s biggest algorithmic playlists, like Release Radar, Discover Weekly, and Fresh Finds

200 Collaborative Spotify Playlists to add your songs for free