The interview is with AnthoCar, a music artist from Montreal, Canada. AnthoCar’s passion for music started in 2019 when a friend introduced him to music production. During the COVID-19 pandemic, AnthoCar started producing beats and later took singing lessons, wrote songs, and released his first album called “Mean It.” AnthoCar’s music includes Pop, EDM, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap. His message to his listeners is about learning from the injustices in the world to grow as humans. In the future, AnthoCar hopes to have more streams, be more recognized as an artist, and perform in shows. One funny episode in his career is adding a female orgasm sound in his tag voice that makes him laugh every time he hears it.

Interview with AnthoCar

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

Hi, this is AnthoCar there! I’m from Montreal, specifically, Laval, Canada and I’m an artist since 2020!

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

My passion for music has come because of an old friend of mine that I still remember, it was back from 2019, he was producing beats and he was creating them all by himself and I liked his project so much that I was like: « Yeah, U know what, I wanna do that someday » and that someday became these days when we were all stucked in our house because of the COVID19 pandemic, that’s when I started to producing beats all by myself firstly. After, back in 2021, I wanted to be a bigger artist and to do something else with that, so I took small singing lessons and after it, I started writing songs and my real first album came somewhere between June & July and it’s actually called Mean It. So… Yeah, I’ve to thanks that old friend that has showed me the world of music because without him, I wouldn’t be where I am right now as an artist. My idols inspiration are Justin Bieber, TheKidLaroi and Charlieonnafriday. My dream collaboration is Charlieonnafriday since he’s quite new in the music industry, he’s trying to grow as an artist such as me and I think that’s why I would maybe have more chance to get a collab with him instead of Bieber & Laroi, U know XD ;)

What kind of music do you do?

I do quite a lot, I did firstly Electronic music, but now it’s Pop, EDM, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rap.

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

I think that, even if it’s not a song from my new album Freedom, “Our World”, which is a track from my 9th studio album called “Essence (feat. LiLBoB, Chris Dali, GoldSpade, PinkGirl&LiLGirly and AtomWorld) has got a real message and that message is that, U know, in this world that we are living right now, there’s so much injustice that we can’t control and that we have to deal with that everyday and I think that in that, as humans, we have to learn something from it so that we can all grow, U know. So yeah, that’s the message I wanted to convey to my fans who are still with me in my journey and I by the way have to thanks them to still be there with me and I love yall!

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

Because as previously said, I think that some of my music has powerful meanings behind them that can actually impact their life and to better human in the future!

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself having more streams, knowing me a lot more, be more recognized as an artist and who knows, maybe some shows in person to perform my music…

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

Well… I decided last year to add more sound in my tag voice in every start of my songs and someday, I created with FL Studio and also with the help of my AKAI MPK Mini plugin a female orgasm that I decided to add in my tag voice and each time I’m hearing it, it makes me laugh, so… yeah, that’s actually a funny epiosde from my career as an artist ahahah!