ARTEKK new album release: “We Can Be Something”

May 2022 – ARTEKK is an artist and producer who is back on the scene with a brand new album release: “We Can Be Something”

ARTEKK Release Radar Collage for new album releaseARTEKK brings a really unique background to the table. When listening to musical works like “We Can Be Something”, you can tell that the artist is very connected to his artistic vision. His songs come from a personal place. As a result, the listening experience is so much more personal and insightful. This enables ARTEKK to build a stronger relationship with his audience. This amazing new album release features 14 tracks. This is actually quite an amazing achievement, especially if you consider the fact that many producers these days are aiming to release a fast sequence of singles, rather than focusing on a full-length new album. While digital streaming platforms might influence these choices, sometimes it feels like we are missing out on the full experience of listening to an entire new album release from an emerging artist. Thankfully, ARTEKK didn’t follow the usual trends and decided to focus on creating an amazing full-length album, which is all about giving the music more space.

The first song happens to be the title track itself, and it stands out as a perfect introduction to ARTEKK’s love of rhythm and melody.

The second song, “First Time” has been previously released as well, and it is an amazingly inspiring piece of music that feels like an invitation to the dance floor, showcasing the producer’s genuine passion and flow.

In addition to that, the third song, “You Got Me,” is a masterful number with a punchy, modern sound that sets the bar higher. The same can be stated for the fourth track, “Shine,” which is just as bright and uplifting as its title might suggest.

The fifth song, “Hold Me, “has a different approach, as it focuses on creating lush synthesizer driven soundscapes with a more dynamic flow. The track has a nice modern indie-pop vibe, with a fantastic vocal performance and a truly energetic beat that contrasts beautiful with the melodic synth pads.

“Waiting” is a perfect follow up. The hyper-melodic vibe of the production feels like a blissful array of amazing melodies coming right at you! This is one of the most creative and one-of-a-kind songs on the new album release.

“End of Time” follows along the same line. It kicks off with a more mellow vibe. The super-catchy vocal performance and some deep bass tones complement the synths perfectly.

“Unknown” follows a similar chord structure, but the song takes on a different direction. It’s allowing a more mellow melodic approach to shine through.

“Get back the Control” is one of the highlights on the new album release. The intro just has a very epic, galvanizing feel that matches the nostalgic vibe of the lyrics overall. The song is anthemic and incredibly appealing, creating something quite special with all its different elements.

“I am dead” is lush and dreamy, combining a sea of lush sounds with a breakbeat type groove.

The 11th track, “What You Don’t Know,” begins with some vocals / cappella vibes that bring a unique twist to the intro, before eventually going for a more traditional breakbeat sound that reminds of the golden age of this production style.

“Drifting Away” features a more contemporary tone, with so many incredible nuances in the production, and a clean, charming vocal sound.

“One More Time” is yet another example of how ARTEKK can really change things up in his production vibes, and explore different paces and dynamics. This is by far one of the most cinematic songs on the new album release, and ARTEKK’s kaleidoscopic variety definitely paid off!

Last, but not least, the artist allows the new album release to come to a close with a stunning piano version of the title track, making for a perfect curtain closer!

This new album release is intensely catchy and fun, but there is also a deeper layer to it. ARTEKK does not want to simply entertain his listeners, but also provide material that’s inspirational, and powerful, encouraging people to live their best life and embrace a more positive attitude. In addition to the inspiring and uplifting nature that drives the artist’s vision, ARTEKK’s sonic identity is quite powerful. “We Can Be Something” is extremely well-produced, bringing a breath of fresh air to the listener. A spectacular arrangement that feels nuanced and direct. This release comes highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the music of artists such as Marshmello, Diplo, and Illenium, only to mention a few.


Find out more about ARTEKK, and listen to “We Can Be Something”, as well as other releases from this talented and one-of-a-kind recording artist. This new album release is going to be available on streaming platforms 29th of July 2022!