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Sweden’s Bjorn Rydhog is back with his infectious, internationally acclaimed pop on the New Day Coming EP.

Behind the artist name is southern Sweden’s Björn Rydhög. Together with producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS) and co-writer Olof Gråhamn, Rydhog has refined a modern beat-based sound with strong melodies and airy retro synths. The focus track ‘Adore Her’ sounds like a catchy mix of British 90’s indie, Beck and Italo disco. Three of the songs on the EP ‘Let’s Not Get Old’, ‘New Day Coming’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ have already been played on Swedish radio and been top three on the Popular list on the huge promotional platform Submithub.

Rydhog says: “‘New Day Coming EP’ is a summary and highlight of my collaboration with JRSS and Olof Gråhamn over a two-year period. The songs have a positive feeling that gives hope in a society affected by doubt, troubled times and loss of life. The creation of the song ‘Your Love’ was a way of dealing with my grandmother’s passing and an expression of my love for her. The EP touches the deepest layers of life and ever-present beauty. A musical companion that evokes a world without war and pandemics, guides us over troubled waters, transcends death and embraces life ”.

Press quote:

Affenity Acension “It is within this immersive experience that music lets you feel time slow down around you. It is deep and flawless in its very composition; something I have not heard ever and for the first time mesmerized me beyond words”

The Revue: “As the world emerges from extended isolation, music like his is the

perfect soundtrack for that transition”.

Blackplastic.co.uk. “Uplifting music to soundtrack everyday lives”.