Interview with DoosC

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

Phenomenal music composer and producer from Luxembourg, DoosC believes in music as the universal language of humanity, considering it transcends spoken languages, genders, cultures, etc and is able to convey breathtaking emotions that no other medium can.

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

DoosC always had a strong desire to explore new sounds. After having immersed himself in music theory to figure out how to infuse emotions to its music, DoosC now composes a music that is both full of addictive sounds and catchy melodies.

What kind of music do you do?

Modern house music genres, such as melodic house, progressive house and even what could be called experimental house. In any case this is house music with a strong musical component and beautifully designed expressive sounds.

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

I want people to be able to escape while listening to my music, to let their minds wander to new horizons and let their bodies be carried away by the rhythm of the music.

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

A lot of new music is currently available with an irreproachable production quality, but it lacks musicality and emotion. I make music that is perhaps less easy to listen to at first, but that brings a lot more and that you don’t forget after listening to it.

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

2021 was the year of the beginning, and 2022 will be the year of the take-off. I think I have a lot to contribute to the house scene and more and more people will discover and enjoy the new music I’m going to offer them.

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

The question wasn’t answered!