“Explosion – C-Bool” Remix by BiesiBeatz is an energetic, high-octane track that will get any party started. It is a perfect anthem for the dance floor, with its hard-hitting club beats and melancholic melodies. It’s a track that is sure to keep the entire crowd jumping and throwing their hands in the air throughout the entire song.

The energy and spirit of this song is unique and inspiring, as it fits perfectly alongside any electronic dance music set. The song begins with sweet vocals, which carries throughout the entire song. The beat is postulated by powerful synth chords, while the melody follows a low and meandering style. The remix itself has a unique and catchy sound, making it stand out amongst other electronic music in the scene.

The vocals also bring about a sense of excitement, as his irresistible flow contributes to the overall mood of the track. The lyrics add an edge to the track that perfectly complements its hyperactive beat. The lyrics are thoughtful and meaningful, as he refers to the feelings of being unable to escape from a situation. The instrumentation on the track is undoubtedly top notch, as it brings it all together to create one powerful package.

The “Explosion – C-Bool” Remix by BiesiBeatz is an absolutely banging track that will definitely get any party going. It has everything it needs to make it a true electronic dance music classic. From its hard-hitting beats to its powerful synths and lush vocals; it ticks all the right boxes and will definitely be on rotation at every EDM festival around the globe.