The upbeat house track “Obsessed” by Iphis Well – Sexy female vocals and pop elements that has a happy and energetic vibe –

In Obsessed, Iphis, aware of her power of seduction, takes revenge on men. Because she knows how cowardly males are, she decides not to give them a chance anymore. Portrayed as Poison Ivy (Batman), she selects meticulously her preys, seduces them before suffocating them with her deadly kiss. Iphis is no longer a victim of her passions, she makes victims of her obsessions. With a fast bpm, a danceable instrumental and a punchy voice, Iphis continues to assert her taste for mixing pop and house music. Obsessed is the most energetic of her tracks, also illustrating a new turn point in her career.


Her dark past (family troubles, rape, domestic violence, extreme poverty) has inspired her to write songs with harsh but hopeful lyrics. Yet her music is danceable, unleashed, frenetic, reflecting her extreme strength to live. Her rebellious, free spirit, her courage and her passion have always guided her steps and this is what she delivers through her lyrics and melodies. In fact, Iphis is a character from Greek mythology who turned into a man to marry a goddess. This woman has balls! Dedicated to the feminine cause, she went from a victim to a leader. She’s determined to make the men respect her, and loves to make their head spin. Anyway, beware of anyone who tries to stand in her way, Iphis superpowers could prove deadly.