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“Pulsing” is a masterful song with a seductive, modern sound by the German Deep and Tech House producer Fejká

Single ‘Pulsing’ demonstrates Fejká’s prowess at creating immersive soundscapes which are centred around the melodic deep house. Thrillingly free and dynamic, ‘Pulsing’ elevates energetic beats over atmospheric synths, enabling a track composed of subtle artistry and musical elegance. Sounds are lucent, splintering and refracting the sense of liberation found on the dance floor, as listeners travel through focussed cycles of ambient vibrancy.

Fejká has established himself as one of the leading downtempo electronic artists, since he burst onto the scene at the age of just 17. He has mastered his craft in front of sold-out audiences at EartH London, Cross Club Prag, Kater Blau, and Klein Istanbul. With a remarkable ability for balancing night and day, dreaming and dancing, the fast and the slow, he creates sounds which are, in the same moment, wonderfully ethereal, but also thrillingly dynamic. To build his distinct and unique soundscapes, he works from his studio in Stuttgart. His equipment includes processed synths, pads, and piano with a tape machine which enhances the nostalgic ambience and establishes a genuine and meaningful relationship with the listener, via tracks which are deeply personal and emotionally authentic. With an aptitude that cannot be learnt, he seems to intuitively sense when tracks are just right – his music always feels restrained and subtle, yet it also cycles through the ups and downs of an ever-changing landscape keeping listeners on their toes, “Like the feeling of being taken on a journey for the last time“, says Fejká.

Latest release Pulsing skillfully elevates energetic beats over atmospheric synths enabling a track composed of radiant webs of sound, where neither dominates too obtrusively. It contains all the trademarks of a classic Fejká track – an immersive atmosphere which echoes the sense of liberation and excitement found in a nightclub or at a festival, whilst also leaving some room for reflection and contemplation during periods where the music slows and the beats become less discernible.  With that being said, one of the most likeable features of the track is how it never stagnates, but instead is constantly dynamic, travelling swiftly through an evolving tapestry of sound. It offers an exercise in taste and restraint. The mood on this track feels more intense and active, yet still where other producers might choose to insert a euphoric hook or ecstatic drop, Fejká maintains a unique equilibrium between high-energy and serenity, which only heightens the pleasant melodic deep house nature.

About Brian Zajak, aka Fejká

Captivated by the atmospheric vibe and the calm of ambient music, as well as the state of absolute ecstasy that provokes the powerful beat of techno, this artist decided to explores the perfect balance between both.

Brian Zajak, aka Fejká began his musical career at the age of 17. Torn between the dreamy soft atmosphere of ambient music, and the hard punchy vibe of techno, Fejká couldn’t decide which direction his music production would take. “Day/night, dream/dance, slow/fast – music was always split into two worlds for me” he says. Thus, he decided to experiment with both, showing the development process of dream music into dance music.