Spotlight on Recording Artist/Producer/Songwriter Nick Ray….
Featuring Newly Released Song “Quest For Peace”

NICK RAY….one of the most creative and aggressive talents in the music industry today, has found himself attracting major attention with management pursuits and collaborations in several genres. This artist is not only a prolific songwriter and storyteller, but his vast creations are finding his options to be wide open. From the  studio in his home state of New Orleans, Louisiana to the many stages of opportunities that await, this artist is being talked about all over the country.

Ray’s newly released song entitled “Quest For Peace” is slated to be an identifiable and emotionally reflective connection to others. Most of the entire human race are  seeking peace in one way or another, and the quest is even more prevalent now. Not only are Ray’s lyrics gripping in his truth and heart of the subject, but the  music tracks are exceptionally mastered to deliver the message. This artist has a voice with passion and soulful presentation, and you hear it when he opens his  mouth.