Florian Picasso – ‘What’s The Next Move’ Single

Florian Picasso RELEASES ‘What’s The Next Move’ Single

Florian Picasso‘s latest single “What’s The Next Move” is a high-octane track that is sure to get your blood pumping and your feet moving. The song is built around a driving 4/4 time signature and an energetic tempo of 127 BPM, which provides the perfect foundation for the rest of the production. The melody is catchy and infectious, with a rolling bassline that keeps the momentum going throughout the song.

The lyrics by Florian Picasso are cleverly written and thought-provoking, asking the listener to consider what their next move should be in life. This adds a layer of depth to the song, giving it a sense of purpose beyond just getting people to dance. It’s this combination of energetic production and meaningful lyrics that make “What’s The Next Move” such a great addition to any playlist.

Florian Picasso‘s production skills are on full display here, with a track that is perfectly engineered for the dance floor. The tech-house drums keep the groove going, while the rolling bassline gives the song a sense of momentum that is hard to resist. It’s clear that Florian has put a lot of time and effort into creating a track that is both technically sound and emotionally engaging.

It’s also worth noting that Florian has an impressive pedigree, being the great-grandson of Pablo Picasso. However, he doesn’t let that define him, instead carving out his own unique identity as a DJ and producer. His dedication to his craft is evident in the quality of his music, and “What’s The Next Move” is no exception.

Overall, “What’s The Next Move” is a great track that showcases Florian Picasso‘s talents as a DJ and producer. It’s a high-energy song that is sure to get people moving, but it also has a deeper message that adds an extra layer of meaning to the track. With support from industry webzines like DJ Mag, EDM.com, and Forbes, it’s clear that Florian is making waves in the EDM scene, and “What’s The Next Move” is a perfect example of why he’s gaining such widespread recognition.