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SCG CASH is an Artist, Songwriter, Performer from Tucson, Arizona....

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Kiontai Lawson also known as The Masked Musician

As we go through life it doesn’t matter who you...

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Salute the Soldier teamed up with a legend in the music scene

Hey what’s up my name is Salute the Soldier! I...

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Land an electronic band from Rimini releases Limbo

Their sound is a kaleidoscopic mix of 80s post-punk influenced...

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Kapusko presents: “Mondlicht”

Kapusko presents: “Mondlicht” A brand new single that highlights the...

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Debut single of the Berlin pop project “HeYoMa”

Summer Of Joy” is the debut single of the Berlin...

Read More10 - 08

Nick Ray’s newly released song entitled “Quest For Peace”

Spotlight on Recording Artist/Producer/Songwriter Nick Ray…. Featuring Newly Released Song...

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Svend48 – New single created on GarageBand

“If Trip-Hop existed in the late 60s/early 70’s, then it...

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“When I produce a song, my goal it´s always that...

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