In a candid interview with, Nando 3, born Brandon R. Ponce in Aguascalientes, Mexico but raised in Houston, Texas, delves into the formative years that shaped his music career. Influenced by artists like Eminem, Spm, and Paul Wall, Nando 3 crafts a unique blend of Texas-style Hip-Hop and Rap. His yet-to-be-released song, “LTH (Letter To Henny),” encapsulates the hardships and lessons learned from a year-long stint in jail. Nando 3 is all set to drop his upcoming EP “RESURRECTED” under his team and family label, TRAPSTAR-RECORDS ENTERTAINMENT. In a lighter vein, he also shared a humorous episode involving an accidental spill of ‘purple drank’ during a recording session. Nando 3 is not just a talented artist but also a young man with a compelling story, keen on influencing people around the world through his music.

Interview with NANDO 3

Tell us about yourself, who are you and where do you come from?

My Name Is Brandon R. Ponce I Am From Aguascalientes, Mexico But I Was Raise In Houston, Texas. Thats Where I Am Currently Living And Make Music Under The Name Of “Nando 3”.

How was your passion for music born? Who are your idols?

As A Kid I Always Been A Big Fan Of Eminem, Spm, And Paul Wall Those Are The 3 Artist Who Made Me Fall In Love With Music And Made Me Wanna Start My Music Career.

What kind of music do you do?

I Do A Mix Of Texas Style HipHop And Rap. But Im Looking Forward On Trying Different Genres An Finding we’re I Belong As A Artist And We’re Will I Get More Knowledge And Craft Skills To Succeed As A Musician.

What is the most important song for you? What message do you want to convey to the listener?

Well My Most Important Song Is A Song Name “LTH” And It Stands For (Letter To Henny). “LTH” Haven’t Been Drop Yet Till Later This Year Due To What I Been Going Through Financially, I Recently Got Backstab By My Own Family Not Too Long Ago, It Was For A Check I Work And Earned By Working For There Company In Which I Was Pushing Pipes And Hurting My Body Everyday In This Hot Texas Heat, If You From Texas You Know Its Smoking Hot Out Here!, And At The End I Learned A Lesson And The Lesson I Had To Learn That Day Was That It Doesn’t Matter If They You’re Family There Are Certain People In This World Who Will Walk In There Devil Shoes Against There Own But Ill Be Back To Dropping Music Some Day Around This Month Or Next We’ll See What Happens. (Letter To Henny) Its A Song I Wrote While Being Locked Up Missing My Love Ones And Not Being Able To Be There For Them. It Was Very Hard And Stressful For Me To Stay Positive In A JailCell With Demons Like Me. U Can Say They Call It “Hell In The Cell” For A Reason And Thats Cause It Is Hell In Earth And Theres No Way Out Of Hell Unless U Turn Urself To The Man Above And Change You’re Evil Ways Into A Positive And Good Way Of Being A Person To Not Only You’re Friends And Family But Yourself, Don’t Let Urself Be Easily Mind Control By The Devil!. The Story Behind My Soon To Be Released Song “LTH” Was That I Was In Jail For A Whole Year After Violating My Probation Waiting For Someone Who Said They Will Never Give Up On Me To Stay And Not Forget About Me And Move On Leaving Me In The Darkest Day Of My Life I Waited And Waited, But Nothing. They Couldn’t Checked Up On Me Or Even Ask If I Needed Anything You Know Is Hard Whenever U Don’t Have No One To Motivate You Through The Day, I Didnt Know If I Ever Was Gonna Make It Home, Or If I Was Just Gonna End Up Signing For Some Prison Time And To Be Honest That Bother Me A-lot, It Was To The Point That I Actually Started Getting Used To Living In Jail Like If It Was The Only Home I knew. But Then Sooner Or Later As I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better For Me I Luckily End Up Getting Send To A Jail Program By Judge “Robert Johnson” After A Year And 3 Months I Did 4 1/2 Months More Inside The Program And Then I Ended Up Successfully Completing The Program And Got Reinstated To My Probation By The Judge “Robert Johnson” And My P.O. And Ever Since I Been Working On My Self Physically, Mentally, And Emotionally. My Message To Everyone Out There Is “To Stay Motivated And Positive And Don’t Forget To Always Remember That Theres Always Someone Looking After You Even If U Cant Physically See Or Touch Them… Trust Me There Is A God And He Got Guardians Angels Looking After You Helping You And And Taking Care Of You So You Wont Ever Have To Go Through Something Alone And To Guide You To Always Keep Moving Forward Even If Its Through The Storms Of Evil And The Thoughts Of The Devil Himself.

Why should a listener who doesn’t know you listen to your music?

I Feel Like They Should Listen To My Music For The Simple Fact That Even Though I Use Texas Artists Type Of Beats, Im Different And Have My Own Type Of Flow Unlike A-lot Of Artist Out There Who Just Copy And Paste Someone Else Flow And Thinks They New And Original. Plus I Never Said I Was The Best, Im Just A Young Hispanic Kid With A Big Dream And Thats To One Day Be Heard And Loved By People All Around This World.

What are your future projects? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I Got A Upcoming Ep Called “RESURRECTED” With Production And Management By My Team And Family (TRAPSTAR-RECORDS ENTERTAINMENT) And not Only That Ima Have Some Features From My Upcoming TRAPSTARS STEPPAS -(MalachiSanchez Known As “DrippyFlaco”, And My Young Steppas! BrayanPonce And ChristopherPonce Also Known As Pezo & 0Z3, And Much More) And I See Myself Recording And Dropping More Music And Shooting My Music Videos And My Team Music Videos Under My Own Music Brand And Keep Trying To Help And Promote Myself And My Team So That One Day We All Get To Eat In The Big Boys Tables Next To A-lot Of This Artists Who Are Blowing Up And Dropping Good Music For Us To Turn Up To. “They Say, The Sky Is The Limit But Ever Since I Was A Kid I Always Wanted To Be A Astronaut And Go Further Down Passing The Sky, Till I Reach The Stars And Prove That There Was More Then Just A Sky And Its Limit”- NANDO3

Tell our readers a funny episode that happened in your career as an artist.

One Day I Was Recording A Song In My Twin (Malachi Aka “DrippyFlaco”) House, We Was In He’s Room Just Chilling Making Music And We Was Sipping Too While We Was Working In The Lab So To Get In Our Zone We Started Sipping Some Purple Drank, We Started Getting Slow And Slower Every Sip We Took We Was Stupid Retarded Literally! We Could Berly Even Do Anything Without Struggling Due To Our Brain Cells Being Dranked Up Of That Good Dirty And Well, We Was Laughing And Laughing Our Asses Off, It Literally Felt Like If Dj Screw Took Over The Throne From Heaven And Took Over Our Mind, Life, And Body Cause All We Was Hearing And Feeling Is Like If Everything Was Slowing Down And Constantly RePlaying And Replaying The Scenario Over And Over Again, By That I Mean Ill Say Some And It’ll Be Constantly Replaying But Fading Away Like If U Was In A Underground Tunnel You Know What I Mean? like it Echo Away Slowly And It Was One Of The Funniest Experience I Had While Sipping Drank At This Point We Don’t Know If It Was Purple Drank Or Lsd, But One Thing Was For Sure We Was Fried And Out Of There, And Then To Top It Off Later That Day One Of My Other Homeboy Came To The Lab, Matter Fact Forget My Homeboy, One Of My Locs! From The Set Came, It Was (Jonathan Aka “ESCO3”)He’s One Of My Upcoming Artist, He Is Also Sign To TSS As Well And Trust Me When I Say He Is Cold And Freestyles Out The Dome No Paper Or Pen Needed When He Comes In He Just Goated Like That, He Made For It Just Put Him The Beat And He Finna Rap And Scream While Adding Ad Libs In The Same Time Its Crazy And Fun To See It Man… But FreeEsco Man They Done Deported My Trey Back To The Land But Shit Cant No One Stop Us You Know That 3 Turn Up Till We Get Turnt Up Together Again, So Yeah Like I Was Saying Esco Came And Started Sipping And I Dont Know What Happen Or Who Did It But Someone Dropped The Whole Baby Bottle Full Of Drank In The Floor Now Y’all Probably Would’ve Thought We Will Get Mad And Clean It And Buy Some More But Let Me Tell Y’all Some We Was Trapping But Don’t Think We Was Richy Rich And Shit We Was Just Wealthy Enough To Survive And Keep Hustling So Before We Reacted To The Drank Spilling It Was Dead Silent And Out Of Nowhere A Voice Of A Type Of Drug God Spoke Into All Of Our Souls With A Type Of Motivation Speech To Clean The Drank Of The Floor Saying “Scoop It Up” And “Put It Back In The Baby Bottle” Like If It Was A Scratched Up Disc Rewinding Back And Forth, But We Didn’t Even Stop And Think We Just Heard Our Drug Savior And Reacted Quickly To What The Drug God Has Send Us To Do For Our People In Need *Laughing*, But Then Out Of Nowhere He Said Something That Sounded Very Familiar, He Said Something That Made Us Realize Who The Drug God Really Was And Trust Me He Wasn’t The God You Think He Will Be All Godly And Good Looking Matter Fact This God Was The Weirdest Creature I Ever Seen Sometimes I Still Have Nightmares About Him Like Its Wild How Ugly This Drug God Looked, But oh Well Lets Skip Forward To The Story We’re We Found Out He’s True Identity, So Boom! After Thinking We Was In A Very Important Quest Saving The Drugs And The Humanity From The Evil Sober Society, We Was Still Scooping The Drank Off The Floor, And Then Out Of Nowhere That Voice We Thought Was Coming From A Drug God Came Back This Time He Had Spoke The Motivational Addict Words saying “Aye Gimme Some I Want More” And We Quickly Knew That This Whole Time The Drug God Was A Game Of Our Brain On Drugs And My Loc Esco Was The Drug Addict Speaking Like He The God Of All Drugs *Laughing* With Hes Fien Ass