Lyhre drops new Single “Parasite”

Lyhre is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and composer. “Parasite” was produced by award-winning artist Robot Koch and is the first Single after Lyhres Solo Debut ‘sad cyborg’ recently became part of Netflix series Élite. Cinematic soundscapes, emotion-fueled vocals and a gothic atmosphere explore the parasitic way of living. Hoping to inspire others to have the courage to see something different than the seemingly inevitable, the songwriter reveals how the perfect time to listen to “Parasite” is when the rain hits your naked skin, as she shares, “We always think that there is this fixed boundary between me and you, or subject and nature, forgetting that all our skin is perforated…. So Parasite is rain on your skin that may make you less lonely for a moment.”

Lyhre is the solo project of Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, 

producer and composer Anitha Kandasamy.

Based on her classical piano and vocal education, she experiments with sound synthesis and composition at the intersection of digital and analog, contrasting her voice with dark musical elements to create hybrid pop. With influences ranging from electronica, alternative/rock and pop, Lyhre’s boundaries of genres and her identity stay entirely fluid.

She works in performance art, sound design and multimedia projects and has been at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Volksbühne Berlin, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, and is an artist at Modularfield Records. Her Debut EP is part of the Netflix series Élite. In 2017 she formed a collective alongside artist Katja Gaudard, in which they create transdisciplinary works. They received a project-based scholarship for their work on Judith Butler’s “The Force of Nonviolence” and became part of republica 22, europe’s largest digital society festival.

Lyhres new works are supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.

‘My songs are bloody pop’ – Lyhre